Thursday, December 17, 2009

We Are Hiring

AfroVisioN Group the fastest growing software and web development firm in Cameroon with over 100clients world wide, an oustanding growth of over 40+ new clients in the past 8months, is trying to expand its operations and by doing so it will need to hire more people fulltime or part time to join in this 100% Cameroonian owned technology company. We are fast growing and our team is made up of award winning young and talented Cameroonians below 24yrs. We live and work in Buea about 200m from the University of Buea campus making our office easily accessible by the University of Buea students a sure source of talents in Cameroon.

We are currently scouting for partners, consultants, interns in the following fields

Web design
We are looking for people who are interested in web designing and love to do any form of graphics design. You must not have the skills as the culture at AfroVisioN Group will help you get started and improve these skills. You will get trained in building sites for our clients who come from within Cameroon, West Africa, Europe and USA. We encourage current students at the University of Buea to come up for this position. So you can work and carry on your studies at the University of Buea.

Software/Web Programmers
We are looking for young talented guys who love to be the next Bill Gates coming from Africa to come for this position. This entails programming in PHP, Java, C# and full software engineering process. We offer you in house training, work study schemes which means you can be a student at the University of Buea and still work for AfroVisioN Group. Our staff is made up of highly talented developers who have worked on projects such as and many more and we are very much willing to help you develop your skills in the technology world while you work for us.

Online Content Producers a.k.a bloggers
Blogging is the art of writing articles on the internet about anything. It’s a modern form of news writing but with blogging you can write about your personal experiences or you can report about an incident. JMC students are encouraged to come up for this position to improve their skills and earn some money while studying at UB. AfroVisioN Group is looking for writers for its online portals like http://www.ubstudents.com and our upcoming partner project . candidates will learn how to blog, use facebook, and make good use of twitter.

The opportunities are open for everybody but we will encourage most of the students around the Buea municipality and current students at the University of Buea to take this offer because they will be the most likely to flow with the training and then work. Our work environment has 24hrs fast internet connection and readily available computers for you to get started as soon as possible. So you get to work not only amongst African leading tech professionals but you have access to the tools you need and internet for further studies.
If you are interested in these offers and you wish to know more about please email us tell us about yourself and your interest nothing more. you must not provide a CV or letter of motivation just a simple mail will do.


Unknown said...

Great ideas and version up there at Silicon Mountain. I see bigger thinks happening in due process........#IT#Bigup.

Thomas Halle said...

Great ideas and version up there at Silicon Mountain. I see bigger thinks happening in due process........#IT#Bigup.

Thomas Halle said...

Thomas Halle said...

Kizito Afube said...

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System.out.print ("nice one bro!!!");

i really love what you always try to do for young cameroonians #MambeforKamer #WorkwhileSchooling #Nodulling #Showyaself

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